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Concerned about your Overall Equipment Effectiveness? Want to deepen your Root Cause Analysis skills? You've come to the right place!

Newsletters That Teach are free, topic-by-topic inquiries into the hydraulic and electrical concepts every tradesperson should know. In these regular, useful instalments, we write and illustrate clear lessons about complex industrial technology. Our goal is to dispel the common myths and shed light on common problems.

What readers are saying:

I always read your Newsletters. I find them to be cool little reviews.
Mike S. (Halliburton)

I find your Newsletters very informative, and well-written by a knowledgeable person.
Ted N. (West Fraser)

The Passionate Industrial

Return On Investment (ROI) and high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are the business goals, but getting teams and machinery to the top can be challenging.

The Passionate Industrial will help the busy industrial maintenance supervisor, tradesperson or craftsperson get there. Coax better overall performance from yourself as a leader, and reignite the passion to find new ways to solve complex machine and human problems.

The Passionate Industrial combines common sense and enthusiasm as you refine the right approach for your team. Join us, and find out what inspires you.

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